Relief Through Yoga and Chiropractic
By Glenda Culbertson, DC

The complimentary facets of chiropractic and yoga jointly provide a system of lifelong therapeutic benefit and illness prevention.

Both fields are grounded in sound science and draw parallels in recognizing the important benefits to both the mind and body in keeping the spine aligned. The physical benefits of chiropractic are similar to those of yoga. It can reduce the effects of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, allergies, chronic overuse syndromes, asthma, degeneration, arthritis, stress, and digestive ailments.

The primary goal of the chiropractic physician is to ensure that the motion between all joints in the body is proper and sufficient. If the musculoskeletal system is not in proper alignment, the central nervous system cannot properly relay information to the body and illness may soon to follow.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of chiropractic is that it can be fast acting and ideal for acute conditions. By promptly seeking the care of a chiropractic physician, you can prevent a condition from becoming chronic. Chronic conditions are managed equally well with chiropractic or yoga.

While yoga mainly helps correct the spine thru asanas (poses), a chiropractor utilizes adjustments to make these spinal corrections. The adjustment delivered is a manually directed quick, pain-free thrust to the joint. Adjustments are not limited to the spine, but can be delivered to the extremities as well.

Yoga is an ancient system with no religious affiliation. There are various traditions of yoga, most of which, aim to unite the body and the mind.

Asanas are perhaps the part of yoga most practiced in the US, but many people do not realize that when performed regularly, yoga has much more to offer than simply another form of excercise. In addition to re-aligning the spine, yoga helps us control the breath, the mind, and also improves internal awareness.

In addition, asanas help regulate our organs and restore balance to the body. By balancing our mind and body, we can reduce the effects of our daily stress, and ultimately, lead happier, healthier lives. Yoga helps put your health in your hands.

The breathing techniques used in yoga (pranayama) aid in removing toxins from the body, and allow the body to extract more oxygen from the air. More oxygen from the air, equates to more life sustaining oxygen to all the cells, including the brain. Only when enough oxygen is getting to all the tissues, can full repair and growth occur.

For these reasons, yoga poses can ideally complement the chiropractic rehabilitation program.

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