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Niya S, Pacific Grove, CA

Just saw my chiropractor, Deena Hakim. Deep tissue and the adjustment in one session. Amazing rates for how thorough she is. I'm crunched and crabby going in and giggly walking out. If you're in the area, she's amazing! Deena Hakim. 222 Forest Avenue, Pacific Grove CA 93950Phone: 831-747-4578 - she's on Facebook

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Lauren R, Pacific Grove, CA

I AM a HUGE FAN - Possibly the number one FAN - Deena has saved me countless times!! She is intuitive - her strong little fingers find JUST the spot :)....but she can be just as gentle as a butterfly landing on your shoulder...xoxo 

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Lynn M, Monterey,

Super big fan!!! I once tweaked my neck on a Saturday right before Christmas. I was supposed to be driving down to L.A. on Sunday and on to Arizona the day after but turning my neck in any direction was absolutely excurciating. I desperately called Deena to see if she could come in over the weekend on a holiday. I ...thought it was unlikely, but that's not Deena's style. She called me right back and got me immediately into the office. She worked on my neck and gave me the ability to move. 

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Laila H, Pacific Grove, CA

I injured my back at work and after trying out several different chiropractors I ended up setting up an appointment with Deena. The first thing I noticed was this is not your typical doctor's office. Deena's office is located in downtown Pacific Grove in a building called The Healing Collaborative. Inside you'll find a variety of alternative medicine styles to help you start feeling good. They even have a massage chair in the waiting room! 

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Anonymous, Salinas, CA

Dr. Hakim performed myofascial release massage therapy on my IT Band and points along my spine and ankle. She also performed traditional type chiropractic adjustments using a drop table. She's fantastic. I have been to see her 4 times and she is professional, reasonably priced and I am noticing improvement in my daily comfort following her treatments.

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Maureen L, Pebble Beach, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Deena Hakim for almost 3 years. It was suggested by my rheumatologist that I see a chiropractor to maintain flexibility in the neck and upper back region which was diminishing due to an immune disorder. A friend suggested Dr. Hakim and I could not be more pleased with her professional manner and the treatment that I have had and continue to receive. She is medically knowledgeable and competent and employs treatments skillfully and appropriately. As a bonus, she understands.